Paper: All prints are printed on 300+gsm 100% cotton paper, archival standard and museum grade.

Border: Each print is printed with a 6cm white border.

Certificate of Authenticity: All prints come with a certificate of authenticity.

Sizing: We have a large selection of sizes in ladnscape, portrait and square prints across our Print Series. Please refer to the specific sizing detailed under each print on our website and below.

- Standard sizes: Prints are listed online with the image size. The paper size is the image size, plus the 6cm border on each side, so an additional 12cm to each length.

- Custom sizes: On request, we can create larger sizes of prints available on our website. Please contact [email protected] if you would like to discuss options. We do not offer sizes smaller than our Medium size print.

Packaging: Each print is wrapped in butter paper, rolled and wrapped again in bubble wrap and placed within a durable heavy weight tube.

Print handling: Each print is easily creased or damaged, so please do not open your packaged print tube until you take it to your local framer.


Each print is custom framed in a white or black matt timber shadow box frame The prints are dry-mounted and recessed with an acrylic front.

Framing dimensions are:

- 50 - 60mm deep

- 25 -30mm front profile

- Prints are recessed between 12 - 17mm

Framing Grande and Supersized prints: If purchasing an unframed Grande or Supersized print, please check with your local framer that they are able to frame drymount and frame works this size, as some framers cannot.

Dry-mounting: If you choosenot to have your print dry-mounted in the framing process, the print will essentially be sitting loose within the frame. This means the print may appear rippled.


Due to the size of our work, we recommend engaging a professional picture hanger to hang your art.


Moving art: To preseve your frames, it is important to avoid any unnecessary handling or movment of framed prints. If you need to move the works, please ensure that two people do this and keep the print upright. Avoid any twisting of the framed prints, as this can damage, the corners of the frame.

Cleaning: We do not recommend your art work routinely; only clean when required to remove any marks or fingerprints, and only cleant the affected area.

- Gently dusct the works with a soft feather duster or lint-free cloth before cleaning.

- Frames - use a soft lint-free cloth and a very small amount of water to dampen the cloth. Apply the cloth and then dry the area with another soft lint-free cloth immediately.

Heating and cooling: In warmer climates or if the framed works are placed near a heater or air-conditioning unit, condensation can occur inside the face of the acrylic front, due to changes in temperature. This will not damage your print if it is framed with the print recessed, as the water does not touch the print and the condensation will evaporate.