The wild, rugged and pristine coastline in Western Australia

The wild, rugged and pristine coastline of Western Australia

I wanted to bring some of the dramatic and untouched beauty of the island to your wall

Rottnest Island is a throwback to another time, a wild, totally untouched place, where nature reigns supreme. Come here and switch off. Located off the coast of Perth in Western Australian, it’s only accessible by ferry, and a world away from cars, where bicycles are the only mode of transport. Its rugged landscape, from Little Parakeet Bay to Little Salmon Bay, with abandoned beaches, shallow coves, crystal-clear waters and epic surf to explore, not to mention some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world – some say that they even rival those of the Great Barrier Reef.

Buy large scale photographic prints of Rottnest Island

The photographic prints in ‘Rottnest Island’ are available in four different sizes. The medium size is 67cm x 100cm, and is of unlimited availability. The next three sizes are limited editions, so there are only small numbers available to buy. The largest is the super, which is 120cm x 180cm, with just 50 in the limited run. If you are looking for Rottnest Island prints or photography, look no further - whether it’s the abandoned beaches at Little Parakeet Bay that catch your eye, or the crystal-clear waters at Little Salmon Bay.

Photographic prints of Rottnest Island for your home, hotel or office

Add an instant talking point to your home, office or hotel decor with these Rottnest Island prints, which are sure to spark a conversation about travel plans and memories. Shot in cool hues of deep blue, pale green and white, they evoke the feeling of a land before time, before cars, before people. For those searching for chic photographic prints of little-known corners of the world, then the images from Stuart’s ‘Rottnest Island’ collection are for you.